Espresso coffee is the best value for money experance offered by the hospitality industory.


We are now running weekly courses for the 

"Professional Barista"


Normally $240.00 for a 4 hour course. Current special $160.00

valid till 1st May 2014


Professional Barista course includes the following

Part 1 - The Bean

 History of Coffee

 Growing coffee

 Processing cherries

 Green beans

 Roasting coffee


Activity – profiling coffee (cupping)


Part 2 - Professional Barista



Group handles


Group head



How to archive correct temperature

How to test temperature

How to whip milk

Calibrating a milk thermometer

 Perfect Espresso Coffee

Making coffee in the cup

Beautiful coffee


Part 3 - Maintaining Espresso equipment

 Knowing your equipment

 Understanding if it’s performing properly

 Cleaning you grinder

 Cleaning your machine


Part 4 - Setting up an espresso machine

 Machine operation

 Boiler pressure

 Pump pressure

 Grinder dosing


 Semi automatic programming




We teach:

  • to make exceptional coffee.
  • understand the essence we extract from the bean
  • understand the beans that come out of the bag
  • understand the equipment
  • understand the milk we add to coffee and how we can use it
  • learn how to maintain our equipment
  • setup and adjust equipment properly
  • the relationship with nitrogen in farming and coffee
  • how to increase sales through the product you produce






This is not a government certified course. You will receive a certificate from Madella Coffee

This is an industry based course with more that you can get from TAFE.

The trainer William Nevile has 22 years experience in training Espresso coffee.

He has owned and operated very successful cafes including espresso bars and restaurants in Melbourne. William moved to Tropical North Queensland as General Manager of a Beach Front Resort.

His passion with coffee drew him to Madella; a 35 year old coffee farm and roaster in Tropical North Queensland. where he could work with coffee from the soil to the cup.

Prior to the move to the tropics William operated an exclusive coffee distribution business in Melbourne for Lavazza, this business was building a client base of five star restaurants and delivering exclusive ongoing training the professional Baristas. Clients included Café Di stasio and The Botanical.

This course will give you confidence to say and demonstrate that you are a Barista. If you are not 100% confident to make coffee, we will continue to train you until you are.  

Barista training is avaliable at your business or ours.

please email for more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.