Farming Coffee

Madella Coffee farm is located in Mourilyan on the banks of the Johnstone river, about one hour south of Cairns. The farm has been producing coffee since 1986. Four generations on the same farm and more than 35 years of experience growing coffee., we understand how to manage the three plantations for the best quality and consistency. The beans begin to develop with the blossom in late spring and are ready to harvest the following year in early spring. The whole year is important to the best production of coffee cherries and we constantly attend to our plantation.

Coffee Plantatio

We begin the harvest when the first cherries are ripe, this process continues until all the cherries are ready. Processing begins as soon as the first harvest is off the tree. We begin processing the fruit quickly because the ripe cherry will ferment. Fermentation is part of the process because it increases the sugars, however; this is a controlled process and must be pulped to stop the fermentation. The beans go through a number of mechanical processes to remove the remaining skins and be ready for storing. We do not add any chemical at any stage of the farming or production. Green beans can be stored for many years. We fined the best results of roasting is with beans between 1 and 2 years.

Roasting is the final stage of preparation . We have been roasting our coffee for 15 years and skilfully produce a consistent product knowing the life of our bean from when the tree was planted to the perfectly roasted coffee.

We strongly believe in a traditional 7gram coffee. The experience of a sweet aromatic coffee that is not overpowering or caffeine loaded and makes espresso coffee the finest regular indulgence in the world.

Coffee tree in blossom

This year’s coffee trees have just blossomed. The coffee trees will only stay in blossom for 2 to 3 days. This makes it a very lucky sight. The abundance of blossom allows the trees to self pollinate. The bees do collect pollen and share it with other plants.

Cyclone recovering Coffee tree


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